Fun and enjoyment and the scale of joy

A WhatsApp chat, inspired by a conversation between Jenni and her husband on whether running was enjoyable or fun, sees us discuss the crossroads between enjoyment, fun and joy.

We look at the Scale of Joy and debate whether fear is truly the opposite of joy or if the relationship between the two is far more complex. When it comes to the world of work it’s not about having fun, but you can enjoy the challenge and fun might be the outcome. One thing we all agree is that we have fun recording our podcasts!

From swimming pool rapids to bobsledding, thinking about bungee jumping to theatrical tragedies, podcasting to interviews…all have the potential to bring fear or joy, or something in between. If you’re into extreme sports, then please get in touch as we’d really like to understand such an approach to risk and what drives you to seek joy in the perilous

As always, we end with a roundup of takeaways to try: tips on finding joy – or, as we say in this episode, “how fill your cup”.  Continue the conversation by dropping us a DM on what brings you enjoyment.

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