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We believe that everyone should have the tools and support to live the best life for them so, we created The Clarity Club to help you.

It’s a membership like no other because it’s inclusive, affordable and accessible to everyone around the world.

Our Coaching Retreats are designed to help people to achieve their best lives and since hosting these days we’ve taken a lot away ourselves.

We know that maintaining habits, setting boundaries and building confidence is something that takes time. It also needs some accountability and support.

This is where The Clarity Club can help you! We are bringing you a safe space for you to gain the support you need so you can achieve your goals and live the best life for you.

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What’s included

For your membership fee you’ll get:

  • Monthly live sessions with the three of us focused on specific topics each month, like habits and confidence
  • Quarterly Ask us anything live sessions where we will help you overcome specific challenges
  • Priority access to our Coaching Retreat Days
  • Access to 1:1 coaching with us (currently only available to those who have been on the Coaching Retreat Day)

Your investment is £14.99 per month which you can pay monthly or you can pay £165, which will give you one month free!

The Clarity Club will help you:

Achieve your goals by identifying and setting habits…

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Trudy Lewis

Communications Consultant and Executive Coach

Trudy specialises in leadership and internal communication relating to strategy, purpose, engagement and change. As a coach, Trudy helps leaders and professionals have an edge, unlocking their potential to become influential and impactful. She has an MA in Communication Management and is a qualified Executive Coach. Her goal is to enable people to confidently take their leadership to the next level.

Jenni Field

Business Communications

Jenni helps organisations go from chaos to calm by taking them through The Field Model. As a Business Communication Strategist, Jenni works with organisations to help them understand how to get teams to work together better and operations to work more efficiently. Jenni is an international speaker and author of Influential Internal Communication that was published in April 2021.


Advita Patel

Communications and Inclusion Strategist

Advita supports organisations by helping them cultivate an inclusive culture, through effective communications, so  all colleagues can thrive in their work. As a qualified confidence coach and mentor Advita works with teams and individuals to help them build their confidence, personal brand, raise their leadership visibility and manage their inner critic. Advita is also the co-founder of A Leader Like Me.

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