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We are three business friends with a passion for helping people learn more about themselves to life the best life for them. Together we are known as the Calm Edged Rebels, which is a nod to what we bring together to help you.  You can find out more about us below, and there are links to connect with us individually on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Trudy Lewis

The One With the Edge

As an executive coach working with leaders and managers, Trudy uses her EDGE framework to help people have more impact on those around them and in the world. She will help you be more Engaging, Dynamic, Genuine and Effective at home and at work.

Jenni Field

The Calm One

Here to help you reduce chaos in your life, Jenni’s understanding of how our minds work and her focus on health and wellbeing is how she can help you. With over five years of reading and research into understanding people, practicing techniques and continuous learning, Jenni will be able to give you practical advice for you to take action the very next day. 


Advita Patel

The Rebel

As a certified coach and a firm believer in shining your light bright, Advita is obsessed with finding tips, tricks and techniques to help you build your confidence and self-esteem. She will get you on the right path to owning who you are so you can take up space and build unshakeable confidence, which will help you manage that dreaded imposter for life.

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As friends we talk all the time. We talk about everything from our businesses to industry news through to our own challenges. We have supported each other in creating our businesses and growing them into the successful consultancies they are today.

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