How thinking differently can create belonging

In our weekly podcast, we share our views on the big subjects for professional communicators, leaders and coaches. We also take the opportunity to share topical issues with you. 

In this week’s news section we compare how the change of the seasons is impacting us and our work. Listen closely to find out how many times Advita says ‘vibrant’ and you’ll know how much we’ve all got going on. We’d love to know how you are doing too, so contact us on our social media to tell us how you are.

Our big topic this week is inspired by Matthew Syed’s book, Rebel Ideas. It’s a book that focuses on diversity of thought in a broader way than a lot of the general dialogue around diversity.

We talk about the importance of widening your network and encouraging diversity of thought, while avoiding tokenism. How do we include and amplify the voices of those who are underrepresented, rather than speaking for them?

What are echo chambers and information bubbles? How do we create the trust that’s needed to include and hear wider opinions? Find out what tips we share to help you think differently.

Throughout the conversation we refer to the following books, articles and reports:

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Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking by Matthew Syed (

Self-harm and suicide rates taken from the Netflix film The Social Dilemma


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