How to live with uncertainty

All our lives were affected by the pandemic, and we had to adjust to this concept and cope with this constant feeling of uncertainty. How did we do this?

The lost art of conversation

In this episode, Jenni, Trudy, and Advita have a great discussion about the importance of conversation to build relationships.

The metaverse in the workplace

Does thinking about the vastness of the metaverse fill you with dread? Don’t panic: we’re here to help. Since Mark Zuckerberg bought it to the fore, Advita has been knee-deep in research to understand what this metaverse concept means and why organisations should start paying it more attention. Web3, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence: […]

How habits help or hinder

the weight of bad habits tied to the ankles of a person

In episode four of our podcast, we look at all forms of habits, why we should be aware of them, how they shape the way we live and work, and how substituting the bad with the good can help us grow. The recording certainly felt like a therapy session! We talked about eating cheese, ‘doom-scrolling’, […]

How to have courage and confidence

Do you need to be a bit more courageous? This episode discusses how to find your inner courage, the pitfalls of why we can lack courage, the role of fear, and how being courageous relates to being confident.

How to have difficult conversations

Building on a previous episode that covered productive disagreement, here we look at how difficult conversations come about, especially for leadership. Although we tend to grapple with difficult conversations, we shouldn’t avoid them. We use real-life examples to illustrate there are ways to learn how to navigate and deal with such dialogue in a way […]

Hybrid working and the impact on women and underrepresented people

This week’s conversation was prompted by a thought-provoking article entitled Could The New Hybrid Workplace Turn Some Women Into Second-Class Employees? As the statistics make for a worrying read, we ask: What are organisations doing to support people who choose to work from home? How can we ensure unconscious bias doesn’t adversely impact those who […]

Best of the Season!

Welcome to this Bonus episode of our award-winning podcast. Hold tight for a whistle-stop tour of season four with our six clips, hand-picked from 12 episodes. There were so many memorable moments, but we were strict and limited each of us to pick two personal favourites. We hope you enjoy listening to why we chose […]

Introducing Season 5!

Welcome back! We are back with our next season on 8 April 2022. In this trailer episode you can find out more about what we have been up to and what you can expect from this season as we are making a few changes! If you want to find out more about us, head over […]

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