Workplace, leadership and communication trends

What’s new for 2022? What should we be aware of and how do we prepare? Who do we turn to for guidance? And, as the government suggests closing another challenging year with advice to work from home (again), what’s coming our way as we settle into new ways of working? So many questions. All against […]

Safety Rules!

yellow hard hats on a pink background

How to help foster psychological safety in your working environments. What is it and why is it so important? There are lots of new phrases and ways of working to come to terms with, but don’t ignore psychological safety because this directly impacts what is happening to your people. Which is why we tackle the […]

Evaluating values

According to Collins English Dictionary, values are “the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or social group”. “At their simplest, values are those things we want to have in our lives so much that we put them above other things.” Jackie Le Fevre Why do we have values in organisations? In […]

A Top 22 Podcast!

This week we have been listed in one of the top 22 podcasts for internal communication professionals. The list has been compiled by Bananatag and includes some great podcasts for your to tune into! In reviewing our podcast they said: “This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for since I met these three IC all-stars […]

Future trends for 2022

As this is the last episode of the current season, our news section reflects on the podcast itself and the people who support us. And we have a question for you: how useful do you find our news discussions, and should we continue them into season five? We’d love to hear your thoughts. The final […]

Make networking work for you

Man wearing a tshirt that says ask me what i do

Whether you’re looking to start networking or an experienced networker brushing up on your skills, the How not to be weird when you’re networking edition of our award-winning podcast is a great listen. As Advita, Jenni and Trudy met each other at a networking event, it seems only natural to share a roundup of their […]

Seek a second opinion

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In series 4 episode 8 of the Calm Edged rebels podcast, Advita, Jenni and Trudy take a deep dive into Matthew Syed’s book, Rebel Idea: The Power of Diverse Thinking. Without exception, they each absolutely rave about reading this inspirational book, which is filled with stirring stories and examines the power of ‘cognitive diversity’: the […]

Living and sticking to your values

The focus for our news section this week is the recent change in attitude towards sending work texts and emails outside work hours, following a change in the law in Portugal. You can also find out why this is Advita’s last news section of the season. For our big topic, we explore the concept of […]

Introducing The Intensive Comms Retreat Day

Jenni, Advita and Trudy working together in a relaxed space

Since we launched The Comms Retreat earlier this year we have been have conversations with everyone who has applied. We have found out a lot about the sort of help you’re looking for and as a result we have decided to move The Comms Retreat to later in the year and host an Intensive one […]

How not to be weird when you’re networking

In this week’s news section we talk about the changing expectations of generations in the workplace and an emerging sense that Gen Z employees are quick to make demands their bosses don’t understand.  For our big topic, we ask the tough questions about networking. What is the power of networking and how do you do […]

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