The Comms Retreat

Coming in March 2022

Invest in your future

Over two days, away from home in a relaxed, informal setting we will provide a confidential space to think and build momentum for your future.

Over the two full days, you will experience the following:

Away from distractions

Changing your environment can be key to fresh thinking. Being away from the day-to-day emails and life pressures will give you space to think without interruptions and with more focus.

Small Group

Our maximum group size for the retreat is 10 people as we want there to be enough space for reflection and one-to-one time with us.

Achieve real impact

Investing time in your goals to support you to develop clear plans for your future. This is an impactful two days where we will be with you to help you delve deeper into what’s stopping you and what you need to do to gain momentum.

Are you ready to change your life?

The Retreat Includes:

When you leave the Retreat, you'll be able to:

Want to hear how we think?

As friends we talk all the time. We talk about everything from our businesses to industry news through to our own challenges. We have supported each other in creating our businesses and growing them into the successful consultancies they are today.

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