Working with leaders to help them communicate better, work better together and inspire their teams

We each have our consultancy businesses and together we have formed Calm Edged Rebels. We help you make work a better place through coaching, workshops and speaking at your events.

The Comms Retreat

Are you struggling to gain clarity or build momentum?

Do you need space to think?

Do you have a confidential space to explore your future?

You will join the three of us for two days and you will leave us with a focused plan of action, your problems solved and a clear sense of purpose.

Work with Us

We each offer slightly different areas of expertise;

Advita Patel

Advita helps people build confidence and thrive in the work that they do

Trudy Lewis

Trudy Lewis

Trudy helps leaders and professionals to connect and lead with influence and impact

Jenni Field

Jenni Field

Jenni helps organisations go from chaos to calm by taking them through The Field Model

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