How not to be weird when you’re networking

In this week’s news section we talk about the changing expectations of generations in the workplace and an emerging sense that Gen Z employees are quick to make demands their bosses don’t understand. 

For our big topic, we ask the tough questions about networking. What is the power of networking and how do you do it? Is it OK to find a new job through your network or is that unethical?

As we met through our networking activities, we share our thoughts on the difference between virtual and in-person events and how to make both work for you. 

We consider the role of internal networking and discuss whether we should have a personal networking map. We also share our thoughts on dressing to impress!

Throughout the conversation we refer to the following books, articles and reports:

Daily Mail article: Gen-Z workers are terrifying their millennial bosses with woke demands | Daily Mail Online

Simon Sinek: The Skills Millennials & Gen Z Struggle With | Simon Sinek – YouTube

Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule No One’s Is Coming | Mel Robbins | – YouTube

Calm Edged Rebels podcast S1 E4: How to Build and Manage Your Personal Brand – Calm Edged Rebels

Unleash Your Inner Rebel Conference, for leaders who think differently — Comms Rebel


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