The difference between activism and opinion

Has activism become the accepted norm? What role has social media played in this? Should we have always practised activism but, instead, been blindly accepting when we should have been challenging? Does the forceful response of the few to someone’s views potentially lead to a cancel culture? It’s important that, when we think about the […]

How to have difficult conversations

Building on a previous episode that covered productive disagreement, here we look at how difficult conversations come about, especially for leadership. Although we tend to grapple with difficult conversations, we shouldn’t avoid them. We use real-life examples to illustrate there are ways to learn how to navigate and deal with such dialogue in a way […]

Out of sight, out of mind

How hybrid work can impact your personal profile, career progression and, in particular, women and underrepresented people. Prompted by a thought-provoking article entitled Could The New Hybrid Workplace Turn Some Women Into Second-Class Employees? we take a closer look at what’s behind the post-pandemic research and how to overcome potential pitfalls. COVID and careers collide […]

Workplace, leadership and communication trends

What’s new for 2022? What should we be aware of and how do we prepare? Who do we turn to for guidance? And, as the government suggests closing another challenging year with advice to work from home (again), what’s coming our way as we settle into new ways of working? So many questions. All against […]

Technical speaking

Robot and Businessman Hand holding puzzle. Partnership with a robot concept.

How technology is making us less than human It’s fair to say that we’re intrigued and excited about technology: how far it’s come and where it’s taking us.  The communications landscape of our work and home lives has changed forever, as has the myriad of ways we can now communicate and interact with each other. […]

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