By choosing to be happy or relaxed, you put yourself in the position to come up with the solution


Our award-winning podcast is now in season seven! Each episode is a topic that one of us has chosen to discuss and we delve into our own experiences, share our thinking and our advice around each one. We cover a broad range of subjects from those who inspire us to imposter syndrome to self esteem and motivation. Some of the conversations are light hearted and others will make you think deeply.

We pick a topic and discuss it live on the podcast. There are no scripts, no rehearsals and no big edits! As season seven gets underway you’ll hear about how to manage overwhelm, how to influence and what you can do to take control of your life.

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Bonus EP

Bonus EP: The Clarity Club – How To Live Your Best Life

In season 7 we talked a lot about our advice to help you live the best life for you and now we want to help you even more.

Episode 10

Influence and Power

How do you cope with the everyday issues? Can you influence and control certain situations? How can you change the overwhelm of how big an issue can be and make

Episode 9

Knowing your negotiating style

Do you know what your negotiation style is? How far do you go to achieve what you want? Have you changed your negotiation style over your career? What do you

Episode 8

Be disciplined and live the life you want!

In this episode, the team really work through their thoughts on the negative impact of the word and how by putting disciplines into practice, this conversation can really make you

Episode 7

Feeling overwhelmed? Just say no!

Jenni, Trudy and Advita discuss the feeling of overwhelm and how this feels different for each of us. They share tips to help you navigate your way through this feeling.

Episode 6

How to build self-esteem

When our imposter is on fire, it often means that we feel like we're frauds, we feel like we don't belong, and we feel like we shouldn't get the job.

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