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We’ve all sat in meetings where nothing gets agreed and animosity abounds. Season 4 episode 2 of our podcast talks about the benefits disagreements bring.
If you’re reading this blog then it’s likely you’ve been in a situation where you have felt like your expert advice has been ignored at some point. I can certainly…
I’ve been Brave When people would hear that I left family and friends in Jamaica to move back to London (ages ago), they would say how brave that was. I’ve…
It’s going to take us 25 years to reap the true benefits of flexible working… that’s if the industrial revolution is anything to go by. Hybrid working is a distraction…
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As friends we talk all the time. We talk about everything from our businesses to industry news through to our own challenges. We have supported each other in creating our businesses and growing them into the successful consultancies they are today.

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