How to maintain motivation

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How do you keep your motivation going? 

How well do you know yourself to understand how you operate?

Does your human or chimp brain take over? 

What is your inner monologue telling you?

In the first episode of Season 7, Jenni, Trudy and Advita discuss where you can find your motivation, where it comes from, the choices you must make, and the consequences of not sticking with it. 

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A Leader Like Me – 

Advita’s book – Kogan Page (use COMMSREBEL code to save 20%)

Growth mindset from Season 6, Episode 3, Calm Edged Rebels podcast How to Get a Growth Mindset – Calm Edged Rebels

Busy by Tony Crabbe Busy by Tony Crabbe

High Performance by Jake Humphrey High Performance by Jake Humphrey

Mel Robbins   

Soundtracks by Jon Acuff 

Chimp Paradox – Steve Peters Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters

Atomic Habits – James Clear Atomic Habits by James Clear

Drive – Daniel Pink Drive by Daniel PinkFun and Enjoyment and the Scale of Joy from Season 5, Episode 7, Calm Edged Rebels podcast Fun and enjoyment and the scale of joy – Calm Edged Rebels

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