How technology is making us less human

In our news section this week Advita and Trudy talk about meeting up at events, in person or virtually, including the recent Big Yak un-conference and the Diversity in PR conference. What are the benefits of meeting up in person and what do we get out of events? We also announce an exciting new podcast.

Our big topic is all about the role of technology in our lives and the way it’s changed  our behaviours. 

We’re aware of the important role technology played in connecting us through the pandemic, but did the rapid rise of virtual working mean we failed to create the behavioural rules needed to know how to use technology with good grace?

Why do we feel more ‘human’ when we meet in person and how do we build those human traits into our meetings and interactions when we’re using technology?

We talk about the implications for meeting etiquette, the role of vulnerability and connection and the potential for gaining more social advantages from technology.

Throughout the conversation we refer to the following books, articles and reports:

Redefining Communications research download: Communicating with Generations Y and Z  Downloads – Redefining Communications (

Calm Edged Rebels blog: The practice of Productive Disagreements The positive practice of productive disagreement – Calm Edged Rebels

Simon Sinek podcast with Brené Brown Episode 27: The One With Brené Brown | Simon Sinek

Redefining Communications download: Seven tips for running better online meetings Downloads – Redefining Communications (

Redefining Communications workshop: Productivity Power of productivity workshop – Redefining Communications (

Comms Rebel coaching workshops Coaching and Mentoring Packages — Comms Rebel

Colinear Executive Coaching: EXECUTIVE COACHING – Colinear

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