Introducing The Intensive Comms Retreat Day

Jenni, Advita and Trudy working together in a relaxed space

Since we launched The Comms Retreat earlier this year we have been have conversations with everyone who has applied. We have found out a lot about the sort of help you’re looking for and as a result we have decided to move The Comms Retreat to later in the year and host an Intensive one […]

Turn feeling a CON into CONfidence

Tiles that say yes you can

Building confidence and beating impostor syndrome.  The sixth episode in season five sees us revisit our thoughts on imposter syndrome – first discussed in our October 2020 debut podcast – one of our most downloaded episodes. One year on, we reflect on how our views on imposter syndrome have evolved and discuss the correlation with […]

Technical speaking

Robot and Businessman Hand holding puzzle. Partnership with a robot concept.

How technology is making us less than human It’s fair to say that we’re intrigued and excited about technology: how far it’s come and where it’s taking us.  The communications landscape of our work and home lives has changed forever, as has the myriad of ways we can now communicate and interact with each other. […]

Crumbs, this is a grate idea

Ham and cheese baguette

How a ham and cheese baguette can help you listen There are certain times in an organisation where you just have to make a decision based on your knowledge and experience. Otherwise you would never get anything done and the business would either stand still or fall into decline. You’ve got to be clear: what’s up for conversation, and what’s […]

Going it alone – Rise of the entrepreneur

The global pandemic is to blame for a myriad of problems yet, equally, it’s become the catalyst to plenty of positive outcomes. It’s given people time to think and, as they emerge from their enforced sanctuaries, the bravery to break away from their comfort zones. Labelled The Great Resignation, the UK workforce has been evaluating […]

What’s my motivation?

Motivation comes in many guises, and what motivates you is likely to be completely different to what motivates someone else. It’s one or an entire collection of reasons for acting and behaving the way that you do. In our third podcast this season, we look at who and what motivates us, share how we keep […]

How to get your leaders to listen to you…

If you’re reading this blog then it’s likely you’ve been in a situation where you have felt like your expert advice has been ignored at some point. I can certainly relate, and I know how much it can knock our confidence and our imposter tries to convince us that we’re not quite good enough to […]

Being Brave

I’ve been Brave When people would hear that I left family and friends in Jamaica to move back to London (ages ago), they would say how brave that was. I’ve never really looked at it that way and at various points along the way I would have called it something else. At the forefront of […]

Thinking differently about hybrid working

It’s going to take us 25 years to reap the true benefits of flexible working… that’s if the industrial revolution is anything to go by. Hybrid working is a distraction and making us focus on things like how many days we are in the office. It’s not about the location of where we work either. […]

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