Why stakeholders make or break business change

Change is one of those topics that we always dip into. All three of us have worked in the area and have many thoughts and opinions on its success or failure. We even covered the Challenge of Change in season three of the podcast, but this time we decided to take a look at the […]

Why stakeholders make or break business change

Whether you love or hate the phrase, there’s no doubt that “Change is constant” We discussed The Challenge of Change in season three. This time we look at the critical roles stakeholders play in the success or failure of change, and the harm caused by segmenting change away from everyday business activities. This episode is […]

Fun and enjoyment and the scale of joy

A WhatsApp chat, inspired by a conversation between Jenni and her husband on whether running was enjoyable or fun, sees us discuss the crossroads between enjoyment, fun and joy. We look at the Scale of Joy and debate whether fear is truly the opposite of joy or if the relationship between the two is far […]

The difference between activism and opinion

Has activism become the accepted norm? What role has social media played in this? Should we have always practised activism but, instead, been blindly accepting when we should have been challenging? Does the forceful response of the few to someone’s views potentially lead to a cancel culture? It’s important that, when we think about the […]

Leaders are responsible for psychological safety

We have our own announcement to make in this week’s news section. Tune in for the latest information about our Comms Retreats and find out what our brand new offer is. Our big topic centres on psychological safety and the extent to which it’s a leadership responsibility to foster a psychologically safe workplace.  How much […]

Being Brave

I’ve been Brave When people would hear that I left family and friends in Jamaica to move back to London (ages ago), they would say how brave that was. I’ve never really looked at it that way and at various points along the way I would have called it something else. At the forefront of […]

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