Out of sight, out of mind

How hybrid work can impact your personal profile, career progression and, in particular, women and underrepresented people. Prompted by a thought-provoking article entitled Could The New Hybrid Workplace Turn Some Women Into Second-Class Employees? we take a closer look at what’s behind the post-pandemic research and how to overcome potential pitfalls. COVID and careers collide […]

Expectations – how they link to our happiness

Welcome back to series 5 of our podcast! In this first episode, we discuss expectations and how they link to happiness and resilience. Expectations of ourselves, of other people, of work, of society, of events and how each of these can impact our own perceptions of happiness. We explore what happiness is and how finding […]

Going it alone – Rise of the entrepreneur

The global pandemic is to blame for a myriad of problems yet, equally, it’s become the catalyst to plenty of positive outcomes. It’s given people time to think and, as they emerge from their enforced sanctuaries, the bravery to break away from their comfort zones. Labelled The Great Resignation, the UK workforce has been evaluating […]

Intentions – Live from Comms Hero Week

In our weekly podcast, we share our views on the big subjects for professional communicators, leaders and coaches. We also take the opportunity to share topical issues with you.  In this week’s news section, we talk about entrepreneurship and the demands of running a business through the pandemic. Our conversation links nicely with our big […]

What’s my motivation?

Motivation comes in many guises, and what motivates you is likely to be completely different to what motivates someone else. It’s one or an entire collection of reasons for acting and behaving the way that you do. In our third podcast this season, we look at who and what motivates us, share how we keep […]

How to get your leaders to listen to you…

If you’re reading this blog then it’s likely you’ve been in a situation where you have felt like your expert advice has been ignored at some point. I can certainly relate, and I know how much it can knock our confidence and our imposter tries to convince us that we’re not quite good enough to […]