A Top 22 Podcast!

A Top 22 Podcast!

This week we have been listed in one of the top 22 podcasts for internal communication professionals. The list has been compiled by Bananatag and includes some great podcasts for your to tune into!

In reviewing our podcast they said:

“This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for since I met these three IC all-stars at IABC World Conference in 2019.  In each episode, you’re a fly on the wall for a lively conversation between real-life friends and industry experts Jenni FieldTrudy Lewis, and Advita Patel. In their roundtable, they cover common IC challenges like imposter syndrome, productivity and leadership and make sure each episode is chock-full of practical tips, tactics and just plain good ideas…at just under 40 minutes per episode it is an easy one to fit in to get your IC inspiration for the day”

We are so chuffed to be included in the list!

Jenni Field


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